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Everyone Who Drives A Car In Nigeria Needs This

Night Driving Glass That Helps You See Clearly And Avoid Accidents At Night And It Can Be Worn Over Your Recommended Glass

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Don’t risk your life driving at night without clear vision. Get this night driving glass now that helps you see clearly as night

It comes with 1 Night Driving Glass And One Day Glass

Benefits of Getting This Night Driving Glass

  1. It helps to withstand full light reflection from other cars, thereby enabling you to see clearly at night and avoid accidents
  2. It has no side effects, it is 100% natural
  3. Can be worn over a medicated glasses
  4. Sizes everyone, both big and small or round faces
  5. It can save you from avoidable accidents

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Must Have For Every Car Owner


Normal Price is 12,000 Naira

But since you’ve just patronized us, I will give you a massive one time discount

One Time Promo Offer Price: 6,000 Naira

Special Offer For Two: 11,000 Naira

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More Testimonials From Customers

No, your money cannot go to waste with this
You don't have to order uber again, you can now drive yourself at night
This glass is definitely a steal at 6k, it's far worth more than the price
Yes, you read it right, this glasses can save you from untimely accident
Buy for that your friend that needs it also so that you won't have to other for it twice
What is order is what you will get

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