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Custom Made Mechanical Watch

This is the best gift you can give yourself, spouse or Boss this season

  • When you buy 1 you get 1 Bracelet for free
  • Do you desire to stand out and be admired by people, this Exclusive Chain Watch affords you that experience.
  • Imagine your self putting on this Elegant Wrist Watch, which gives people a Good long lasting impression about You.
  • This is a perfect gift for your Friends, Spouse and Love ones.
  • Think of how good you would feel when people perceive you as Smart and Intelligent.
  • Embrace your wrist with this  Beautiful Master Piece and watch how you Command Attention.

TESTED And TRUSTED Authorised Distributor of This Product Which Ensures That You Get Only Quality Authentic Product Delivered To You


  • When you buy 1 Wristwatch you get 1 Bracelet free
  • Wearing this wristwatch would boost  your Attractiveness and make people percieve you as INTELLIGENT AND SUCCESFUL.
  • Due to it High Quality it retains it Original Value, which means you can use it for a Long Time.
  • You would Stand out from the Crowd wearing this wristwatch. WHY? People naturally Notice Things that are Uncommon and this Wristwatch is Certainly not common.
  • This Wristwatch increases  your Status Quo and makes you Stand out as an ELITE MEMBER of the Society.
  • Wristwatches makes great Gift, therefore choosing to give Your Spouse , Friends or Loved ones this Original Superb chain watch would be one of the best descision you have ever made.
  •  It is Water Resistant, therefore you can wear it all Seasons of the year.
  • This Wristwatch makes you naturally Communicate to people that you are ready to do business, this is because it tells people you know the importance of looking Good
  • Words might loose their importance over time, but gifting this Wristwatch to that one special person is a good way to apologize and strengthen the bond of your relationships.
  • You get Exactly what you are ordering for that is why it is Payment on Delivery.
  • knowing that Gift are master Keys to ones heart, This Designer Wristwatch serve as a great gift to show Gratitude to your Lover, Prospective spouse, Boss and Co-workers. 


This  Custom Made Bracelet Cost 95 ghc each but we will be given it to the first 19 customers for free

NOTE: You are getting the bracelet as a free gift

But this will only be given for free for the first 15 customers to order, because we can’t really afford to give it for free to everyone.

In fact, we ran out of stock before and we just had to import this 19 pieces again

So, if you want to get the 95 ghc naira bracelet for free. It’s better you place your order right away

This bracelet alone cost 95 ghc naira and I tell you, you will be getting it completely free, once you are among the first 19 people to place their order.

And not only this, you will also be getting a an imported perfume from us. 


REGULAR PRICE : 35,000 Naira Per One

Promo Price: 28,000 Naira Only

When you buy 1, you get 1 bracelet for free

SPECIAL OFFER: GET 2 FOR: 53,000 Naira

When you buy 2, you get 2 bracelet for free

This is a special and limited edition wristwatch. the gold has been out of stock for more than two months. we just got the opportunity to import 25 pieces only, because many customers have been Disturbing us  for it.

Currently this is the last batch we will import due to the exchange rate which keeps increasing every day.

So if you want to get this wristwatch at the DISCOUNTED PRICE, it is better to ORDER NOW.

If You Think This Is Too Expensive, Then Try Buying Fake


To Enjoy this SPECIAL PROMO, it Is advisable you order now

Please If You Don't Have the Money To Pay For This Product Between 24 - 48HRS From the Moment You Order Please Dont Bother to Order This Product.....

Please Don't Order for Jokes, Don't Place An Order To Tell us To Come Next Week, Please We Want Only Buyers Who Are Ready to Purchase this Product To Enjoy Our SPECIAL PROMO .....



Jack Mensah
Jack Mensah
Read More
These guys are very efficient and reliable in everything they do. Their customer service is excellent. They make sure that their customers are happy before, during, and after the purchase. I highly recommended this website if you want to buy a wristwatch! This is my third time of patronizing them and I can say they have never disappointed me whenever I order wristwatch from them.
Isaac Asare
Isaac Asare
Read More
Naijawatch is a very reliable watch seller, I bought from them 2 times already and it was delivered to me in just a few days. I'm very satisfied with my purchase, highly recommended seller.
Adu Tetteh
Adu Tetteh
Read More
The watch is amazing and it's the same that I saw in the picture and the description. The delivery was fast and without any problems, so thank you very much for your service!
Ofori Addo
Ofori Addo
Read More
I am very satisfied with the watch I ordered from your company. The watch is beautiful and it arrived on time as promised. Thank you so much for being a reliable online store. I will definitely order other watches from you in the future.
Asante Yeboah
Asante Yeboah
Read More
I am very satisfied with the watch I ordered from your company. The watch is beautiful and it arrived on time as promised. Thank you so much for being a reliable online store. I will definitely order other watches from you in the future.
Opoku Adjei
Opoku Adjei
Read More
My watch arrived on time, beautiful and in perfect condition. I am very pleased with the whole shopping experience and will definitely be shopping with you again. Thanks again for a great online shopping experience.

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