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Make Your Husband or Fiancee Love And Care For You More When You Get Him This Executive Men's Watch

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7 Reasons Why You Should Get This Watch For That Man You Love

  1. Men rarely get gifts, so when you get him this gift, he will be so surprised and happy and this will even make him love and care for you more
  2. When a woman gives a man a gift, it pushes the man to want to do something bigger for the lady(because this is how we men think)
  3. Giving him this simple gift can restore all the cracks you’ve been having in your relationship/marriage lately
  4. This watch comes with a free 2 in 1 Perfume also and 2 years warranty sp you have nothing to worry about

And It Comes With A Free Gift Also



Normal Price is 36,000 Naira

But since you’ve just patronized us, I will give you a massive one time discount

One Time Promo Offer Price: 25,000 Naira

Special Offer For Two: 48,000 Naira

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